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Dance program

The dance program in Ben Zvi highschool is one of the leading programs in Israel. 

Studies focus on learning through experiencing, developing a higher level of physical and mental abilities and exploring the professional stage experience. 


Our vision: 

The program emphasises on cultivating creative thinking, self expression, instil values and love of arts and culture.  


In this program, students are exposed to a variety of local and international dance performances, and take part in workshops with guest professional dancers and choreographers. The students participate in a yearly dance camp, where they experience a unique encounter with one of the leading dance companies in Israel. 



Every year the dance program holds students’ performances in a professional dance theatre. The students get to perform dance pieces directed by guest choreographers and dance companies repertuar, as well as choreography directed by the program’s dance teachers. 12th grade students get to perform their final choreographies.  

Our dance program professional team of teachers, bring years of experience in the dance field as dancers as well as choreographers. 


At the culmination of three years all the students complete a 5 points matriculation (bagrut) stream that combines theoretical and practical studies. But it is possible to achieve up to 15 points.



  • Classical Ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, choreography, the history of dance, the anatomy of dance and music. 

  • Students are allowed to add 5 more matriculation points by submitting a final paper. 

  • Students with exceptional accomplishments, can attend a recital that grants them an extra 5 points. 

  • In culmination a dance student can complete up to 15 matriculation (bagrut) points. 

  • The dance program allows students to complete the instructor’s certificate program, provided by the Israeli ministry of education dance inspectorate.


Iris Molato - dance program coordinator.

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