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If theatre intrigues you

If you wish to study in a vibrant, fascinating atmosphere,

Come to discover your own creativity!

If you dream of acting, directing, and you would like to acquire knowledge, skill and critical thinking in different areas of theatre studies, come to create and learn practical and theoretical studies with our professional team of teachers. 

You are invited to a three-year life experience. 

Grade 12: Bagrut in acting and directing. Students direct, style, produce, and act in a full-length play. Theoretical Bagrut includes analysing plays, the history of theatre and styles.

Grade 11: Specialising in acting by learning monologues and dialogues. Producing a special show about a chosen topic.

Grade 10: Experimenting different scenes of classical plays taught throughout the year. Taking part in acting exercises, producing a show about a chosen topic. 


The Major areas of study:

• Varied and experiential studies

• Different acting techniques

• Analysing plays

• Movement techniques

• Acting and directing styles

• Components of a theatrical production

• Seeing different plays

• Taking part in unique workshops

• Five point Bagrut in the theatrical arts



Mrs. Noga Elkin-Efrat

Mrs. Alma Vien-Hoshen

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