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Construction engineering and Architecture


Objectives of the program:

  • Obtaining knowledge of the visual arts world. 

  • Acquiring skills for understanding the visual language. 

  • Acquiring the means for implementing this visual language in creative projects. 



  • Familiarising with the process of construction of buildings.
    Understanding the building’s components and functions. 

  • Familiarising with substances and materials involved in construction. 

  • Producing plans and designs for building structures using design softwares. 

  • Structure theoretical studies.


Student’s evaluation: 

The students will be tested on their elective subject. They will be required to pass a theoretical exam in addition to submitting a 5 points level project. 

At the culmination of three years all the students complete a 10 points matriculation (bagrut) stream.

Certificates granted to the students in Construction engineering and Architecture program: 

  1. Matriculation card - includes the obligatory subjects and the elective program subjects.

  2. Technological certificate. 


Students graduating this program have a variety of options for higher education programs: 

  1. Engineering - continuance program in 13th and 14th grades or after completing military service.

  2. Academic studies in Architecture faculties in different universities. 


Field trips:

  • Visits to industrial factories specialising in building and construction materials. 

  • Trips to design exhibitions and museums. 

  • Yearly Architectural studies seminar that hosts Architecture faculty lecturers, and participating in project based workshops.  


Construction engineering and Architecture program team.

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