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  • The program was established 32 years ago to cater to talented students with a scientific orientation and develop their aspiration to excellence

  • Students will complete 5 point matriculation (bagrut) exams in 3 subjects: chemistry, physics and computer science, and as such are required to cope with additional materials. Even if some students opt out of one of these, they nevertheless will have encountered a challenge that may help them in the future, particularly those who go on to complete dual degrees at university.

  • Throughout the years we have encouraged incorporating academic university courses while catering to each individual student’s needs.

  • This course acts as a gateway to the science world through enrichment programs and seminars at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Technion in Haifa, The Weizmann Institute and the Soreq Nuclear Research Center.

  • Students are encouraged to take part in national and international competitions in physics, chemistry and computer science.

  • The science program is the school’s veritable spearhead and a home for excellence!


Lately, alumni WhatsApp groups have opened, with 500 out of the 900 former students as members. A short survey has revealed that these young women and men are at the heart of the country’s economic powerhouse: engineers, doctors, start-up company owners, the CEO of Intel, etc.

  -Dalia Mor

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