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The music program is intended for students who play an instrument and sing, and those willing to put in the effort to obtain knowledge, advance, and perform.

 Every year we put on musical concerts and shows covering several styles and genres such as  jazz, opera and a philharmonic concert. Our piece de resistance, however, is undoubtedly our three-day arts camp, which includes workshops, shows and master classes in a warm, inclusive atmosphere.


Every year students take to the stage and perform concerts with professional lighting and sound. They also get to experience recording sessions in a professional studio.



Theoretical studies - A chronological review of different musical eras from the middle ages to pop rock in the 20th century.

Theory - intervals, scales, chords and scale degrees.

Harmony - analysis of pieces and accepted standards

Ear training and solfege - identifying and singing the above mentioned topics


Performance groups - a variety of musical styles in which students can take part: choir, classical, jazz, pop, rock, mandolins, punk, Brazilian, tango, Yiddish and more


At the culmination of three years all the students complete a 5 points matriculation (bagrut) exam.

Students with advanced skills in singing and/or playing an instrument will be able to participate in a recital worth an additional 5 academic points in a variety of styles.

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