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Qiryat Ono


Qiryat Ono is situated 11 kms east to Tel Aviv, just east of Ramat-Gan, and named after the biblical Ono Valley (Nehemiah 10,12). It was founded in 1939 as a village named Kefar Ono. In the same year Kefar Ono joined nearby communities in founding of Regional Council of Ono but as it lost its agriculture character, it retired from the Regional Council in 1954 and became Qiryat Ono. Building of new neighborhoods (Kir'on, Rimon and Yaron) and incorporation of Giv'at Bera'ha (est. 1947) enlarge its population and in 1992 it became a municipality.
According to the municipal website, the emblem reflects on the past and the future of Qiryat Ono. In the emblem there is a citrus tree which remind us of the citrus plants of the area, while the colors of orange and green. give the emblem its colorfulness and beauty. In the background there ia an wall of stones which symbolize construction. The emblem was chosen architectural committee that was appointed by the first local council's mayor,

[Mr. Ya'aqov Cohen. Dov Gutterman, 3 May 2005]

Ben-Zvi High School

The Yitzhak Ben-Zvi High School is a three-year public high school located in the city of Qiryat Ono. The school was founded in 1963, and is named after Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, the second president of the State of Israel.


The school teaches all compulsory subjects, and the elective subjects include chemistry, physics, biology, sports, sociology (economics / psychology), Arabic, computer science, software engineering, biotechnology, theater, architecture, film, music, art and diplomacy.


In addition, this prestigious school offers a number of unique tracks such as a "gifted classroom" and a science class and is considered one of the best non-selective schools in the country (Ben Zvi High school does not select the students based on any criteria- all students who live in Qiryat Ono are accepted to the school) and it has about 1,700 students, 60 classes, 180 teachers, a very high point average with many of its teachers possessing Masters degrees and some even a PHD.

School Principal: Mrs. Galit Levy

Ben-Zvi high school is a social, educational, professional and high-quality educational center that strives to create an atmosphere of great belonging of all who come through its gates. The school encourages excellence both socially and academically and strives to provide students and staff with a place to grow in a wide range of areas in the school and community.

The school offers a very large variety of theoretical and artistic educational studies while maintaining a high achievement level of education and at the same time emphasizes and develops significant social-value awareness with an emphasis on contributing to the community in experiential and relevant learning. It cultivates the learner's skills in the various fields while maintaining a homely and supportive atmosphere and personal excellence that leads its graduates to become leading citizens both in the Israeli society and as global citizens of the world.

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