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Arts and design

The arts program aims to develop the students' imagination and artistic sense and encourage them to obtain knowledge, techniques and processes. While developing skills, there is an emphasis on developing the student’s individual and unique expression. The program provides a great opportunity for the students to explore their personal world, and find creative ways to showcase their perception of it. You are invited to join this program and study in a unique atmosphere, with a diverse team of teachers who are active artists as well. 



Visual culture studies 

  • Familiarising with the art language. 

  • Analysing and understanding art masterpieces, learning about artists, art periods, and significant  artistic styles in the history of art. 

  • The theoretical part of the program focuses on the ability to understand and analyse situations, of the abundant visual arts world surrounding us, and the ability to identify the components and motives of this field. 

The theoretical studies include presentations, art films, cinematic films, attending exhibitions, museums and galleries. 

Most of the program’s hours are devoted to practical arts classes: sculpture classes, painting, sketching, video arts, photography, new - media and design. 

The practical workshops expose the students to creative processes, and allow them to get familiarised with a variety of substances, materials and techniques. 

During classes, students listen to lectures, attend special workshops and participate in an art camp for a number of days, hosting a unique variety of workshops. 


New in the program

We added design studies to this program. The design curriculum includes: 

  • A practical workshop for product design.

  • Photoshop software course. 

  • 3D design software course.

  • Theoretical workshop in basic terms in design language and thinking.

The design studies section adds another dimension to the arts program. It invites the students’ mind to be open to inquisitive and curious observation, involving occasional critical thinking about different aspects of the students’ world, for instance, consumers’ world, advertising and communications world.  

The design studies add an extra 3 points in the matriculation (bagrut) report card. 

Studying in this program occurs within a technological stream, which provides the students with 5 points of Arts studies, and 3 points of design studies. At the culmination of three years all the students complete an 8 points matriculation (bagrut) stream. 


In 12th grade each student submits two projects:

Presentation of a product invented, planned and designed by the student. The presentation will summarise the artistic aspects and design aspects of the creative process the student went through developing his product. 


The projects bring out the students' inner personal world as well as their personal abilities and skills of their choice with the help and guidance of the program’s teachers. 


  • Chaimi Fenical - program director.

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