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Film Major

Our course of study is one of the leading film programs in Israel!

Our graduates serve in the IDFs various filming and spokesperson units with great success, studying in the academic tracks in these fields, and many of them have already integrated into the film and television industry in Israel.

Our students win prizes in competitions and festivals in Israel and abroad!

Below are some of our award winning creation:

​"Red Lights" – winner of second place in the "Young Creation" competition - International Film Festival, Jerusalem (2021)

 "Both Sides of the Coin" – Winner of the "Project in Progress" Award, the National Student Pitching Competition (2021)

 "Mother in heaven" – Winner of second place in the "Young Creativity" competition - "Solidarity and Human Rights" Festival (2019)/ "Gili Shelley" - "Originality and Creative Daring" Award.

National Student Film Festival - "Golden Light" (2019)

 "This Caterpillar Is Me" – Festive Screening at the "GAY Film Festival", Tel Aviv Cinematheque (2017)

 "Prime Minister of Children" – Directing Prize – "Young Creative Competition" Jerusalem Festival (2015)

 "Bicycle and Camera" - First Prize for The Narrative Script, National Student Pitching Competition (2014)

 "Wedding Cake" - First Prize for Narrative Script, National Student Pitching Competition (2012)

 National Student Film Festival - "Golden Light" (2019)

 "This Caterpillar Is Me" – A festive screening at the "LGBT Film Festival", Tel Aviv Cinematheque (2017)

 "Prime Minister of the Children" – Directing Award – "Lydia Lazarov – Olympic Champion" - First Prize for Documentary Film, National Competition "Adam Wim" (2014)

"In Her Shoes" – First Prize for the Feature Film "International Film Festival, Haifa" (2012) and the "Promising Director" Award – "International American-Asian Film Festival"  "New York" (2012).

The structure of the Film studies at Ben Zvi High School

5 units are taught as an increased profession for matriculation, with the possibility of expansion! The subjects studied in the trend are:

Cinematic theories - currents, genres, directors, cinematic theories. *

*Practical subjects – screenwriting, directing, photography, editing, soundtrack, lighting, actor training in front of a camera and more.

* Annual narrative project - Each class has an annual project of producing feature films in collaboration with actors, of different lengths, according to the school year. At the end of 12th grade, the students of the trend produce a 15-minute feature film in which the many abilities they have accumulated over the years are co In addition, throughout the year we hold diverse enrichment workshops, lectures and meetings with professionals, watching movies in the classroom and cinematheque, visits to museums, joint trend evenings around a unique theme and an annual arts camp. We are constantly working on developing innovative projects, first of their kind, to teach cinematic theories, alongside teaching the practical professions.

These projects are the brainchild of us, and they are being learned from us in film trends across the country.

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